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See Where They Are Now!

Adopted from us in the past? Email us a picture and your story and we will add you!


Roc was adopted from WEGDR on June 29, 2014 by the Taylor family! Since his adoption he has completed an intense training program with the Columbia Dog Wizard. Roc is deaf and vision impaired, and curently living in Charleston, SC. After training he knows 20+ hand signals and is learning more! Roc loves going to the beach and training class. He is a top notch swimmer & retreiver. He is the second WEGDR dane the Taylor family has adopted from us....Roc joined previously adopted Captain! Roc's mom says he is their "comedian" and keeps them laughing everyday!


Thor was adopted in 2012 by Christine Hayes & John White! He was their second adopted dane from WEGDR. Christine says "He was a surrender that we were taking in for about a week. He bloated 12 hours after arriving at our house. He is a big, sweet miracle. He will be 7 years young in July [2015]." We are so grateful to have adopters who were willing to save Thors life by commiting to an expensive and risky surgery after knowing him for only a few hours. Thor is truly a blessing to his family and WEGDR!


Halligan, formerly Runt, was rescued along with his mother Bailey (he was a year old and Bailey was 3 years old). Both of them had been kept strictly outdoors (which is no place for a Dane) before they came to WEGDR. Bailey is now living in Anderson, SC with her adoptive family! Halligan was adopted in the fall of 2013 by David & Kendra Nangle. His mom Kendra says "after overcoming his fear of everything, including his shadow, [Halligan] has blossomed into the most amazing fur baby. He loves going on walks with his toddler humans and will do anything for a string cheese. His other best friend is our bossy maine coon cat!"


Captain (formerly Tonka) was adopted on January 25, 2013 by the Taylor family! Captain came to WEGDR and was by far the worst case of neglect we have ever dealt with. He had been starved by his owner for approximately 2 years and was nothing but a skeleton when he arrived at our rescue. Many, many months later Captain reached his healthy weight of 150 lbs with the help of rescue and his adoptive family! Captain is also by far the tallest Dane we have ever seen in rescue, and measures only 2" shorter that the world's tallest Great Dane [Zeus]! Currently, Captain is training with the Charleston Dog Wizard to become a certified therapy dog. We are so proud of this boy!


Wilma was adopted from WEGDR in 2014 by Rachel Campbell! Wilma was an owner surrender arriving at rescue with a leg injury. Rachel met Wilma thru her foster family and fell in love with this beautiful girl! Wilma has a beagle brother, Jethro, and the two of them join Rachel at her work place most days. So if you are in the Mt. Pleasant area, check out Indigo Creek Pet Supplies for all your pet needs, and say hello to Wilma & Rachel!


Moose, formerly Luke Bryan, was adopted by his dad Chris Farmer in 2015! Moose had been waiting in rescue for a long time to find a furever home that was the right fit for him. But patience in rescue only leads to great things, and Moose and Chris were meant for each other! Moose had a rough start to life....his former owner chained him up in a junkyard as a pup to try to make him a guard dog. He was probably never socialized with dogs or people as a result of his treatment. WEGDR spent a lot of time gaining Moose's trust and showing him not all people are bad and that he could be loved. We are so pleased he has found a furever home with Chris who continues to show Moose the love and care he so deserves!


Miles, formerly Opie, was adopted in December of 2014 by Dawna Gregorie! Miles came to WEGDR as a 12 week old puppy who was already severely underweight. Two weeks later he became very ill. Miles was disgnosed with toxoplasmosis and spent a week in the emergency vet. There were many nights where we were unsure if Miles would survive, but this guy is a trooper with a huge heart and pulled thru. Miles is now living happily in New Hampshire!


Adopted by Andrea Kozloski: "This is Hugo, he is our 2 year old rescue that we fell in love with immediately. We brought Hugo home in December [2014] and he walked in the house like he owned it. His personality keeps us entertained every day. Hugo has two speeds, on and off. He loves the sprinkler and being sprayed by the hose. He sucks on any pillow he can get his mouth on to relax himself. We are so blessed to have been brought together with Hugo through WEGDR. He is a big sweet boy who we absolutely love."


Archer, formerly Roquefort, was the first Great Dane Christine Hayes and John White adopted from WEGDR. Archer was adopted in 2011. Shortly after, Archer was diagnosed with cancer. Archer crossed the rainbow bridge in 2012. He was very loved by his family and will always be missed.


Karma was adopted from WEGDR in August of 2012 by Caitlin Aburrow & family! Caitlin tells us "Karma was an instant fit, she was the perfect addition to our family, and an excellent best buddy to our two kiddos. Karma has the patience of a saint and deep, soulful eyes. We moved to California in 2014, so she now enjoys being a mountain dog. Our son calls her his "rescue dog" and pretends she's a police/fire/paramedic dog going on adventures with him."

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