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Sanctuary Great Danes

Unfortunately, not every dane that comes through our doors is adoptable for different reasons, usually because of health or behavioral issues. When this occurs, we move them into our sancturary program where they can live out the rest of their lives with dignity, love, and the medical care they receive. This can be a costly venture for rescue and donations for a sanctuary danes are always welcome!


Elsa is a black, female Great Dane that arrived at WEGDR in late November (2015) from Beaufort County Animal Shelter. We estimate Elsa to be between 4-5 years old. She was underweight when she first arrived, but has reached 130 lbs as of January!!! Elsa was limping on her back left foot and would tremble while standing still. Her skin was in poor condition, and being so thin made her feel worse. Our vet saw Elsa and treated her rear leg with pain meds and we focused on getting her up to a healthy weight. In late December, Elsa's foster home saw a change in the appearance of her front left leg. It seemed to change rapidly, so we took Elsa back to the vet for radiographs to determine the cause. Sadly, they showed osteosarcoma in the front leg. Because of its progression and the fact that Else limps badly on her rear leg (bc of hip & cancer) amputation is not an option for her. All we can do for this sweet girl now is to manage her pain and make her comfortable and extremely loved. She will be staying in her foster home until we feel her quality of life is no longer acceptable. Due to her health, Elsa is no longer available for adoption and has become a sanctuary Dane of WEGDR. If you would like to help Elsa, you can make a donation towards her daily medications. She also loves any and all treats!


UPDATE: Elsa lost her battle against cancer on Februaury 22, 2016. She fought hard and will be forever missed here


Allie came to WEGDR in the summer of 2015 from the Great Dane puppy mill bust in Arcadia, FL along with 9 other great danes we rescued from there. She was one of the worst neglect cases in this group- severely underweight, eye infections, open sores, and had suffered a broken neck from being bred while in such terrible health. We spent months getting her weight back up and healthy again. She had eye surgery to correct one of her third eye lids. Allie was finally ready for adoption by the end of the year. In February 2016, we decided to send Allie in for a second surgery- up til then the only thing we had not been able to correct was her happy tail and after much debate with our vets, a partial tail amputation was decided upon. Allie was also starting to limp a bit on her front shoulder so while she would be under anesthesia for her amuptation we had her shoulder xrayed. It was our guess that she was suffering from arthritis due to her broken neck, however it was determined Allie had extremely advanced osteosarcoma. By the time it was found the cancer had spread into her chest. Our vets gave her 2 weeks. This news came just one week after we said goodbye to Elsa. We are making Allie comfortable on pain medications now, spoiling her rotten in her foster home, and monitoring her quality of life. Please consider making a donation to Allie's medical and hospice care.

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