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Become a Foster Home

To become a foster home, you need to submit an application.




We will conduct a home visit and get you set up as a foster home for a Great Dane! Included in fostering is: a Dane, crate (if needed), food, medicines including monthly flea and heartworm meds, & vet care.


You must provide the home, love, and be willing to make the Dane easily available for meet & greets.


What is fostering?

A foster is an individual or family who provide temporary housing for a WEGDR Dane while we search for their perfect new forever home.  Great Danes come to rescue for a variety of reasons.  They do not do well in a kennel environment, so we rely solely on private foster homes to take care of the Dane until it is adopted. 


How long will my foster stay?

In our experience the length of a foster stay can vary greatly depending on the age, temperment, and needs of the Dane. It can range from a week to several months.


What if my foster does not work out?

Because of unknown history on some of the Danes we take in, sometimes things don't work out.  If this turns out to be the case, you would not be stuck with the Dane.  We will move the Dane to another
foster within a few days of notification.   


What if I want to adopt my foster Dane?

The foster home always has first right to adopt their foster Dane, but must let the rescue know of adoption plans within the first week of fostering.  The adoption fee must be paid and an adoption contract signed.  Often foster homes become what we call "foster failures" and end up falling in love with and adopting their foster Dane.  This is not a bad thing!


What is required of the foster family?

We ask that you provide shelter, structure and guidance for your foster Dane while in your care.  Depending on current numbers of fosters, we sometimes have dog crates to provide for the foster but not always.  We ask that the foster family bring the dog to public meet & greet events when appropriate, understand and follow the foster guidelines, and be available for visits with potential adoptive families. 


1. WEGDR will not place a foster Dane in a home to be kept outside, nor in a home who currently houses dogs outside. WEGDR Danes must be housed inside only.

2. Foster homes should have a fenced in yard

3. Foster homes are responsible for transporting their foster Dane to and from the vet and making themselves or the Dane available for meet and greets and adoption events. Because of this we ask that foster families be located in or near Charleston, SC and its surrounding areas.

4. Foster homes will provide all the love and attention each WEGDR Dane deserves.

5. If you rent your property, we require a written letter and contact information from your landlord giving permission for you to foster/own a Great Dane.  Please include this with your application. 

6. WEGDR retains the right to refuse foster/adoption to anyone for any reason and at any stage of the application process.  We must look out for the best interest of the Danes.  We take placement very seriously.


The more foster homes we have the more Great Danes we can save!

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