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Surrendering A Great Dane To WEGDR

Ideally, all dogs live in one loving home from puppy-hood until death. Realistically, however, this isn’t always possible. People become ill, die, divorce, move overseas, develop allergies, lose their jobs, lose their homes, etc. Any of these situations, among others, can be a reason for a dog coming into rescue.

If you feel you are in a situation where you need to surrender your Great Dane, the information on this page will help you with the process of owner surrender. 

WEGDR does not guarantee the acceptance of every owner surrender into Rescue. During the initial interview, our Intake Coordinator will evaluate your situation to determine whether to proceed to the next step in the surrender process.

WEGDR is a foster home based rescue and acceptance greatly depends on if we have an available home appropriate for your Dane. In order to find the most appropriate home for your Dane, please provide as much detail as possible about his/her history, veterinary care, likes and dislikes, and quirks.  By providing this information you are ensuring the easiest transition for your pet, only you know them best.  Behavior and medical issues do not necessarily create problems but not disclosing them certainly will.  If you are surrendering more than one dog, please fill out a separate form for each one. We will also need a photo of the pet you wish to surrender. Please email the photo to and include you name as well as your pets. Intake requests will not be considered if all the information is not supplied so PLEASE answer every question as best as you can. Thank you!

Success! Message received. Please also send a picture of your dog to and include Owner & Dog name. Thank you!

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